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It's May the 4th, so of course we ate a Star Wars burger

And it's one scruffy-lookin' nerf burger.

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It's May the 4th the year Star Wars turns 40, which means it's time to start filling your social media feeds with Star Wars content.

As we all ramped up for loosely veiled cash-ins and hitting each other with plastic lightsabers, we felt a disturbance in the Force. A Sydney, Australia, burger joint called Bar Luca (most famous for its Blame Canada burger) has celebrated the most momentous day of the year with the Return of the Chedi. It was a surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.

It looks like this:

I'll give it points for the blue-milk bun, but there are some staggering leaps in logic to justify the kransky. The closest I got was "kranskywalker". And there are three of them, which basically confirms Rey is the third-generation Skywalker.

It was a struggle to find the theme connecting the other ingredients, but hey, still better than the prequels. Maybe next year we'll get an Empire Strikes Bacon.