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It's great to have polar opposites

Explaining my position.

If I don't write that open-source software stinks and that proprietary software is God, Savio complains. If I don't write that proprietary software stinks and that open-source software is God, Roy complains.

It's nice to have polar opposites keeping me in check. It keeps me in the middle. No, open source isn't God. Nor is proprietary. Anyone who reads this blog with a current perspective (meaning, you've got to keep up with me because my perspective isn't cemented for eternity - I hope yours isn't, either) and an open mind will see that I come down in the middle, despite a very fond affection for open source.

Guess what? The industry seems to agree with me in that affection. Every day we hear about more software going open source. Who would have thought that Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, etc. had any reason to open source software? And yet they do. Why?

Because there's power (and money) in openness. There's also power (and money) in proprietary. The trick is to balance the two so that you don't go overboard either way. That's what I've been saying for many moons. It's not really all that radical.