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It's elementary, my dear Pikachu

We might be getting the Pokemon movie we never knew we wanted. And yes, it stars Detective Pikachu.

Movie studio Legendary and The Pokemon Company are partnering to make the first ever live-action Pokemon movie. But it's not to movie you might expect.


Are you ready to watch Detective Pikachu solve crimes?


Instead of a Pokemon Go feature film, this will be a Detective Pikachu film, said the Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday. That's right, the character that was introduced to the Pokemon universe only a few months ago.

Details about the film's characters and story are being kept tightly under wraps for now, but it seems production is being fast-tracked to catch some of the momentum from Pokemon Go. Production is planned to begin in 2017, and Universal Pictures has already signed on for distribution outside of Japan.

Legendary beat out Netflix, which was also very interested in the film rights, said the Hollywood Reporter.