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It's all about makin' paper (iPod speakers and turntables)

Feast your eyes on an iPod speaker system made out of cardboard and a record player made out of paper.

Suck UK

Finally. After almost 30 years of waiting, there's a perfect tech solution for breakdancers: a boombox you can break down into a flat cardboard mat and cold bust windmills and headspins on.

The cardboard, AA-battery-powered Mini Boombox for iPod, designed by Suck UK, folds into an iPod speaker system. It can also be used with other MP3 players.

Pricing info is unavailable for the Mini Boombox for iPod. The system is slated for release in September.

We don't expect the speaker system to rival Klipsch's iFi in terms of sound quality or DLO's HomeDock Deluxe in terms of streaming functionality, but then again, those systems are made of noncardboard.

If you just can't wait until September, or if you're a vinyl aficionado, a paper player already exists for your LP collection.

Designer Simon Elvins has created a fully functional, hand-cranked record player out of paper.

So yeah, if you thought beat juggling was hard, try doing it on two hand-cranked paper turntables. An organ-grinder monkey or two would come in handy.