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It's a toaster bay for your PC

Everybody loves toast. Now you can enjoy toast from the comfort of your computer, assuming you have an available drive bay for the PC Toaster.

Yes, that is a slice of toast. CrazyPC

We love toast. And by we, I mean you. Everybody loves toast. Even if you say you don't love still do. It's a fact, an irrefutable fact. What's that you say? Don't put words in your mouth? Or toast either? You really don't love toast that much? It's just all right you say? Well, I have proof that you love toast.

Here we have the PC Toaster Bay from CrazyPC. (What's so crazy about it?) It fits into a standard 5.25-inch drive bay and makes, well, toast--toast from the comfort of your computer. To hook it up you need an available USB port and a four-pin Molex power connector. Your familiar toaster controls for light to dark and time are available via a Windows-based software interface. The generated heat is ventilated through the back of the case.

High-tech toast. CrazyPC

So, there is the undeniable truth: people love toast so much that toasters are now everywhere--even in your computer. To further that chain of logic: You're reading this on a computer, right? And this is about a computer drive bay being used to make toast, right? Therefore you love toast. Case closed.

Oh, everybody loves toast except Mac users; the software isn't available for them (yet).

(Via Cooking Gadgets)