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You won't believe this Apple accessory

Coming soon, Pad & Quill's Leather Apple Pencil Grip makes the Apple Pencil easier to hold and harder to lose.

Apple products have created major cottage industries for accessory makers over the years, but it always seems a little strange when a company makes an accessory for an Apple accessory.

That's the case with Pad & Quill's Leather Apple Pencil Grip, which is exactly what it sounds like: a leather cover for the Apple Pencil (for the iPad Pro). It not only allows you to get a better grip on Apple's electronic stylus but "solves every problem you never knew you had with your Pencil," according to the marketing materials for the product.

Pad & Quill, a small Minnesota-based company that makes swanky, handmade leather cases for iPhones and iPads, as well as leather Apple Watch straps, says it's been working on its latest accessory for a while.

The Leather Apple Pencil Grip features full-grain American leather, a hand-sewn baseball stitch closure, Lightning charger cap holder and a stainless steel carrying clip. It costs $50 -- or half the price of the Pencil -- and comes in three color options. It ships in early April.