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It's a fact: 32GB Creative Zen coming soon

Creative launches ultra-high-capacity Zen just in time for the holidays.

Creative Labs

For those who complained (ahem: me) that the new, flash-based Creative Zen didn't come close to matching the capacity of the player it was replacing (the Zen Vision:M), the day of our comeuppance has arrived...sort of. Technically, that day will arrive sometime around "the middle of next week" (gotta love that commitment), when you'll actually be able to order the player outright. What I refer to, of course, is the release of a 32GB version of the Zen. Sure, it's no 60GB behemoth, but that's still plenty of space for many power users. Plus, you've got to be impressed that Creative beat memory maker SanDisk to the punch; well, I am at least.

A related bit of news: Creative is currently offering an instant rebate of 15 percent on the 8GB version of the player, bringing the price down to $169.99. The special pricing will be available until this Friday.