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It's a deal, dude: PS3 for $339 on Dell site

In an on-again, off-again deal, is selling the PS3 for $339--and less if you belong to the Dell Member Purchase Program.

In the wake of unsubstantiated rumors that the PlayStation 3 would drop to $300 by April, we've seen sporadic reports that the 80GB PS3 is already being discounted to $339 at, of all places. Apparently, the deal was on last week. Then it was off. And now it's back on.

You have to add the PS3 to your cart to get the discounted price, then tack on another $16 for 3- to 5-day shipping. If your employer happens to be part of the Dell Member Purchase Program, you can get an additional 7 percent off (-$23.80), bringing your total to $332.19 (shipped). It's a deal, dude.

We're not sure how long this will last and assume it will be one of those on-again, off-again situations. But clearly the $300 price threshold may be closer than some initially thought.

Anybody buying at this price? Comments welcome.

Note: Amazon is now selling the PS3 80GB for $350 with free shipping. We'll see how long that holds up, but good to see that multiple outlets are chopping the price.