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It's 11-12-13! Time to test your luck?

Numbers nerds and superstitious folks alike celebrate the love of lucky number sequences Tuesday. Make a wish.

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Do you get a rush when certain numbers line up? Bathys Hawaii

Do you always glance at the clock when the numbers hit 2:22? Or do number dates that line up just so make you nervous or excited? Then today, which brings the one-of-a-kind day-month-year lineup 11-12-13, is your day. Unless, of course, you live in Europe, where people write the day ahead of the month, 12-11-13.

Numerology is the mystical belief that numbers hold special meanings and possible divination of significant events to come. Many numerologists study double "master numbers" -- such as 11 and 22 -- and their significance in Viking Runes, the Kabbalah, and the I Ching. Not to mention the endless studies on such unlucky numbers as 666 (sign of the Beast); 13 (in Western culture); and 4 (in Chinese culture).

For math geeks, however, days like Pi Day, 11-11-11, and 12-12-12 are arithmetical holidays to be celebrated.

While some of you choose to mark 11-12-13 by testing out fate through the lottery, others are saying "I Do" to a more romantic gamble.

According to a David's Bridal survey, more than 3,000 couples are expected to get married [Tuesday], a 722 percent increase from the same Tuesday last year.

"Iconic dates have become a trend in the United States, reaching heights when more than 65,000 couples tied the knot on 07/07/07," Brian Beitler, executive vice president of David's Bridal, said in a statement. "And we have learned that couples love dates that have patterns."

After 11/12/13, there will only be one sequential date left in this century, and it's next year on 12-13-14. So if you forgot to buy a lottery ticket or propose to someone special today, you still have time to plan.

Are you doing anything significant to mark 11-12-13? Let us know in the comments.