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IT worker confidence rebounds

An information-technology worker index shows substantial improvement from May to June, according to a new study.

Tech workers' optimism about the job market improved in June from a low point in May, according to a study released Wednesday. Staffing firm Hudson said its monthly gauge of information technology workers' confidence rebounded 12 percent amid more reports of hiring activity and more sunny views about personal finances. The report comes amid mixed signals about the job scene for tech professionals, who are seeing companies grow healthier but also seeing some work sent overseas.

Hudson's IT worker index hit 104.2, up from 93.2 in May, while the firm's national employment index rose to 103. The employment index, calculated from survey questions covering work and personal-finance issues, is designed to measure U.S. workers' confidence in the employment market. It examines sectors such as IT, health care and manufacturing, and is based on surveys of about 9,000 U.S. workers. The national index's reading in December 2003 was 100.