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It wobbles but it doesn't fall over

The Rocking Carafe adds a unique touch to any wine as it wobbles without falling over.

The Rocking Carafe Drinkstuff

While there are some fancy wine bottles out there, decanting your wine into the right carafe can make a statement. The Rocking Carafe, made by Sagaform, definitely falls into that category: it's a hand-blown glass carafe that can rock back and forth while you appreciate you wine. As long as the carafe is set on its accompanying silicone stand, it won't tip over or roll away. There's a reason behind the style incorporating a unique, rounded base, rather than a flat base, though. The large base allows for maximum wine oxygenation, while the neck is designed to make pouring wine simple.

The Rocking Carafe can hold up to three wine bottles' worth of wine (more than half a gallon), making it a good option for a dinner with several friends or another get together. It doesn't hurt that the movement of the Rocking Carafe can make for an interesting discussion. Luckily, this carafe isn't so different from a Weeble Wobble: it will wobble, but it won't fall over. Your guests can safely pour their own drinks. The Rocking Carafe is available for around $35. It is available in a gift box and can make for a good present for a wine aficionado.