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It was inevitable: a diamond iPhone

Amosu does it again, for only $41,225.


Where there's gold, diamonds are sure to follow. It's become a familiar pattern, as we saw most recently with an 18k gold Shuffle that was soon followed by a diamond-encrusted version. So it was time to start an office pool after a 24k iPhone began making the rounds a few weeks ago.

Like clockwork, today Crave got an email from Amosu, one of the more prolific bling meisters in the gadget world, with what it calls "the first diamond Apple iPhone." In classically over-the-top fashion, the U.K. purveyor has adorned this limited edition with 420 diamonds totaling 5.65 carats set in 18k white or yellow gold, with a choice of white, black or pink sapphires. Decisions, decisions.

It wasn't officially listed on Amosu's Web site as of this writing, but we have little doubt that it'll make good on its promise for a launch next month, given its track record--especially because it knows that there are people out there actually willing to pay the $41,225 price. We hope only that it doesn't become the model for an iPhone pendant.