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It took 1,000 hours to 3D print and build this awesome life-size Stargate

This impressive replica took over 2,000 parts and 1,000 hours to create, without any help from distant aliens.

While we have yet to harness the technology to jump from this solar system to another in a matter of seconds, that doesn't mean fans can't build a full-size replica of a Stargate.

A team from Vigo Universal, a company that specializes in new technologies, joined forces with Belgium's Musée royal de Mariemont to recreate the giant ring-like portal from the hit 1994 movie "Stargate."

The 20-foot replica consists of 2,000 separate 3D-printed parts, which included 10,000 cuttings and took over 1,000 hours to create and assemble. The project used a Thunder Laser cutter, a Flashforge 3D printer farm and a Marchant Dice milling cutter.

"Chevrons, symbols and other decorative elements are reproduced and assembled so that the structure remains as faithful as possible to the original," Vigo Universal stated on YouTube.

The Stargate replica will be on display at Musée royal de Mariemont in Belgium as part of the exhibition "From Stargate to Comics: Egyptian gods in geek culture (1975-2015)" until November 20.