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It lives: TiVo-powered Best Buy Insignia HDTV coming soon

And no, they do not have DVRs in them.


It appears a Best Buy Insignia-connected HDTV blessed with TiVo's HD interface may actually be available by the end of July.

The relationship between the retailer and DVR manufacturer started more than two years ago. Then there was an announcement last year that development had started to integrate TiVo's software and services into broadband-connected Insignia TVs. And now it looks like there's an actual product.

Arriving July 31, the new Insignia cTVs (presumably "c" is for connected) will be available in two sizes--32 and 42 inches--and have built-in Wi-Fi for accessing broadband content from Netflix, CinemaNow, Napster, and Pandora. My guess is that if you want access to other services like Hulu Plus, Blockbuster, and Rhapsody, you'll be encouraged to buy a TiVo, too.

The TVs will have TiVo's strong search capabilities and HD user interface, as well (hopefully it's complete, unlike TiVo Premiere's UI). You will not get a DVR built into the TV. There's also no mention of an electronic program guide, but no TiVo subscription is necessary, either. That's not a problem for cable/sat subscribers, but it would be nice to have the EPG for the cable cutters out there.

So, basically, it looks like they'll be connected TVs with a nice-looking TiVo interface and search that'll help you find programming on broadcast channels and broadband services. I guess that's something.

(Via ZatzNotFunny)