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IT highway a two-way street

In response to the July 29 Perspectives column by Jon Oltsik, "Why blaming technology is a cop-out":

It seems to me 50 percent of the equation was left out of this dissertation. How come the business people were left quasi-blameless? I am no longer at my former company, but I can share what transpired there.

You commented that legacy IT contributes to "dragging down companies" and results in "high costs." The first thought to hit my brain was, "Wasn't one of our problems the fact we weren't allowed to spend any money?" We never had a budget. We in IT made out a list and how much each item would cost. Then we would get the list back with the associated yes or no answers.

Our CEO was a forward thinker and had outstanding ideas for moving the company forward. But the price tag always caused him to utter "maybe next year." I heard that for over six years. Over 50 percent of our reps were still operating on 486-class computers. He wouldn't approve the cost to bump those users up to Pentium-class computers.

It's not IT legacy; it's logic. Are you like the aforementioned CEO, thinking that there's some magic wand that can be waved when something is requested--BAM!--and 15 minutes later, there it is?

Like so much in life, seeing the light is a two-way street.

Lance Pergande
Waukesha, Wis.