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IT guys don't need e-mail to control your BlackBerry

RIM releases software that lets IT department control BlackBerry's mobile apps without e-mail service.

BlackBerry Pearl

Buying a BlackBerry without e-mail capability would be like drafting Reggie Bush and asking him not to run the ball. Really, what's the point? Why spend all that money and not use it for what it does best?

OK, apparently there are people who do this--and they populate the IT departments of manufacturing, insurance, health care and real esate businesses, to name a few. In which case, they'll be happy to note that Research In Motion has come out with BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Mobile Data System Applications. The software lets the IT folks control what is/isn't on your BlackBerry (read: not games) without needing access to that push e-mail service that so many smart phone users know and love.