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IT and intellectual property

In response to the Perspectives column written by Bo Hofstead, "Thawing out the CIO-CFO cold war":

The rift between CFO and CTO/CIO has been acknowledged and addressed for some time and almost always with regard to financial planning and justification of the IT function.

If the CFO and CTO/CIO sit down and make a plan (and they already should have) that protects the company's financial data, the time line may be as short as ten years. That period could be far too short for some data.

I would like to also suggest that there is precious little communication between the CTO, the CFO and the corporate legal counsel. My main concern is that in order to protect the corporation's intellectual property, the backup and recovery strategy needs to include an understanding of what data must be available and for how long to protect the company's intellectual property.

Douglas W. St.Clair
Wilton, N.H.