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iStockphoto wallpaper for your mobile

Crave US: iStockphoto has announced a new service that allows people to download images to use as wallpaper on their mobile. Should beat those dull corporate images you get from your service provider

Crave US: iStockPhoto, an online subsidiary of stock-art seller Getty Images, is taking its business to consumers.

The company typically sells images to newspapers, ad agencies and others with a large appetite for photos and illustrations, but on Wednesday it announced a partnership with Amuse Entertainment Group to let ordinary people download images to use as mobile phone wallpaper.

The companies began a pilot phase of the project in the UK. Subscribers using Orange, O2, T-Mobile, 3, Virgin Mobile or Vodafone networks will be able to download images from the beginning of April.

The pilot could be expanded to the United States and Canada. A second phase will make the image library available worldwide. -Stephen Shankland