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ISS astronauts watch the World Cup -- in space

The 2014 World Cup is being beamed up to space, where astronauts Reid Wiseman, Steve Swanson, and Alexander Gerst keep up on the action.

Just taking a little soccer break between experiments. NASA

When they're not doing all kinds of experiments aboard the International Space Station, NASA astronauts Reid Wiseman and Steve Swanson, and ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst of Germany make sure to keep up on the action taking place at the 2014 World Cup via a stream set up aboard the station.

Last week, the ISS crew released a video of the team playing soccer aboard the space station with limited gravity, along with a message of good luck to the players, teams, and fans partaking in the competition. Though the astronauts come from different countries, they seem to be getting along fairly well.

But their multiyear friendship may face its toughest challenge yet on June 26, when the US and Germany go head-to-head to see which teams will make it out of group play -- both teams are in Group G. Or, more likely, whether the US will advance to the next round since Germany is heavily favored to win Group G.

Regardless of how the World Cup (and Group G) turns out, it's good to see Group Zero G getting to enjoy the beautiful game from the final frontier.