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'iSoundSpa' does the accessorizing for your iPod

The alarm clock dock has interchangeable faceplates in matching colors.


With so many iPod colors coming out all the time, it can be difficult to coordinate them with their docks and speakers. The "iSoundSpa Fusion" is designed to take the angst out of coordinating accessories with your media player by providing the option to mix and match faceplates.

The Fusion combines a dual alarm clock, AM/FM radio, and "six soothing nature sounds" with an iPod dock, Chip Chick says. But what makes it different from so many other docks is its interchangeable facades, which come in four colors in addition to the original white for $5 apiece beyond the $60 base price.

We must caution, however, against excessive color coordination. It could easily be overdone, like those matching shirt-tie combos that come in the same package at certain unnamed department stores.