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Mobile Accessories

iSkin unveils two new iPad cases

iSkin has released two new protective cases for the iPad, the Duo and the Vu, which come in multiple colors.

The iSkin Duo retails for $49.99. iSkin

iSkin makes some pretty popular iPhone cases, so we've been waiting patiently for the company to bring out its iPad covers. While it doesn't have anything yet that features a kickstand option, the two new cases--the Vu and the Duo--offer some similar design traits to iSkin's line of iPhone cases, including a layer of Microban that's supposed to keep bacteria from making a home on your case.

The Duo retails for $49.99 and is available in yellow, purple, brown, sky, pink, red, and clear. Meanwhile, the Vu retails for $64.99 and is available in pink, aqua blue, blue, red, orange, orange, purple, and black.

iSkin says the Vu has a rear-bottom hatch that can be removed and allows the iPad to dock with the Apple iPad Keyboard or Standard Dock without having to remove the cover, which is nice. The hatch also includes a charging cable opening with an integrated protective cover that keeps out dust and dirt. It's also worth noting that the Duo completely covers the black border of your iPad, as well as the power button.

Both cases are available at the iSkin Web site and will be coming soon to other retail outlets.

The iSkin Vu retails for $64.99. iSkin