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iSimple MegaPhone: The best low-tech iPhone speaker booster?

The iSimple MegaPhone is a battery-free solution to augmenting the sound of your iPhone speakers. Does it work?

The iSimple MegaPhone, which augments the sound of your Iphone speakers the old-fashioned way, doesn't require batteries. David Carnoy/CNET

LAS VEGAS--iSimple's MegaPhone is so stupid it's brilliant.

Yes, this is a low-tech speaker booster for any model of iPhone and it also serves as a stand (it can be turned horizontally for movie watching).

No batteries. No nothing.

The "specially designed audio channel" inside the MegaPhone captures the sound from the iPhone's internal speakers and augments it like, yes, a megaphone. The company says the accessory is also virtually indestructible.

Does it work? Yes. But while it allows you to boost the sound from your iPhone, it doesn't boost the sound quality. So don't expect wonders.

The MegaPhone is available now and while the MSRP on it is $9.95, iSimple is selling it for $14.95.

The packaging has holes in it so you can actually try out the product in-store with your iPhone. David Carnoy/CNET