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iSight Updater: Helps with FireWire issues?

iSight Updater: Helps with FireWire issues?

We have previously covered a significant number of reports of problems with FireWire devices -- including hard drives and iPods -- when an iSight camera is connected. Last week, Apple released iSight Updater 1.0.2. A recent Knowledge Base article notes that users should install this update "if you also use iPod mini, or more than one FireWire drive, including an iPod." The article also describes specific issues that installing this update can prevent:

  • There are interruptions in the video (including frame loss or "tearing").
  • The video is too dark.
  • iPod mini responds slowly.
  • Other FireWire drives stop responding, disconnect, or slow down.

The latter two issues are two of the most common problems reported by users when an iSight is connected. If you previously wrote to MacFixIt about issues with FireWire hard drives and/or iPods that you were able to isolate as being iSight-related, please drop us a note at and let us know if the update fixed the problem(s).

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