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iShoes 2.0: Sleeker design loses a wheel

Will 3.0 be out by end of the week?

New and improved? iShoes

The high-tech industry needs to take some lessons from iShoes about rolling out new versions. Crave wrote about the originals on Friday, and over the weekend the inventors apparently decided it was time for an upgrade.

What they've come up with is no minor tweak either: iShoes 2.0 barely resemble the first version, looking more like three-wheeled roller skates than mini-shopping carts with 4-inch wagon wheels. Despite the design overhaul they're still powered by electric motors controlled by a wired remote, but Gizmodo says new specs are on the way.

The classic version iShoes

The most disappointing news, however, is the price: $499 and $399 for the large and small sizes, respectively. For that kind of money you could get a Segway knockoff, though the insurance might cost more than both of them combined. No matter what, it's not worth rushing into any purchases--at this rate, version 3.0 might come out by the end of the week.