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Is your tweet getting traction? Look at Twitter analytics

The social network opens up its analytics dashboard for all users. Now people can see how their tweet traffic is doing in real-time.


Twitter unleashed a feature to all users on Wednesday that was previously only for advertisers and verified users. It's an analytics dashboard that lets users see how much mileage their tweets are getting.

The news was revealed by Twitter engineer Ian Chan wrote said in a tweet, "Absolutely thrilled to open up access to to EVERYONE."

The social network launched its analytics dashboard in July to let advertisers and verified users see specific data about their tweet reach, such as total impressions and engagement rate. The idea is for users to get an idea of how many people are seeing and clinking on their tweets.

While clearly helpful to advertisers, this kind of information can also be useful and fun for the everyday Twitter user. It helps people figure out the best frequency and time of day or week for tweets, as well as a get a glimpse of how tweets are doing in real-time.

(Via TechCrunch)