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Is your perfect camera coming soon?

Camera manufacturers are gearing up to make their model announcements for the second half of 2010. Though there have been a few standouts in the first half of the year, here are some features and models I'd like to see available before 2010 is history.

The number of compact and ultracompact digital cameras available from major manufacturers is overwhelming--and it's about to get worse. Before summer's out, most of the companies will have announced a new batch of point-and-shoot models in an attempt to woo you into upgrading or at least penciling them into your holiday shopping budget. Judging by the reader e-mails I receive, none of the current crop seem to have all of the features you desire, so maybe some new options are exactly what's needed.

My fear, though, is it'll just be more of the same, with too many average compact cameras separated by nothing more than a couple minor (and unnecessary) features and more or less megapixels (which continues to be a crappy barometer for photo quality).

I've put together a wish list of features and models I'd like to see more of (or available at all) in the coming months. I know its too late to change the course of what's actually coming, but I can dream, can't I?

And if you're currently hunting for the perfect compact camera and not finding everything you want, say so in the comments. I'd like to think that we can eventually get the manufacturers to give us what we actually desire instead of what they think we want.