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Is your mobile phone killing bees?

Don't get stung by latest trend theory

No, this isn't one of those items about how your cell phone irradiates your brain--there's been plenty of research in the U.S. and Europe looking at that fear. A Danish health study has concluded cell phones are not killing us large mammals.

But if you're still worried about cell phone radiation, CNET has the chart for you, and the key word is "Chocolate" because that phone has the lowest radiation of any phone tested in the States. (It should be noted that this story is coming out of Europe, where the EU allows nearly 30 percent more radiation from cell phones sold.)

The latest scare: mobile phones are killing the honey bees. Many of the developed world's nations have recently reported Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), which apparently results from phone radiation confusing the innate GPS of bees, those swarming critters responsible for pollinating many of the world's food crops. And let me tell you, that's not a sweet thing to think about. No fruit, no honey, no nuts, and a lot less food all around. We do know that bee hives are failing in North America and across Europe in numbers large enough--up to a 70 percent loss in some U.S. states--to alarm beekeepers and officials. No wonder the press is buzzing. (Apologies.)