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Is your iPhone 4 showing scratches? (poll)

One blogger discovered some nasty scratches on a five-day-old review unit. Luckily, they were only on the back. Does that even matter?

Let's hope this scratched iPhone 4 is not indicative of things to come. Engadget

Could the iPhone 4 have a scratch problem? Earlier Wednesday, gadget blog Engadget released photos of a five-day-old demo unit with some very discernible scratches on the back side.

This, despite the fact that the new iPhone is made of hardened glass on both the front and rear, and that Steve Jobs himself said it's better at resisting scratches.

(Bad day for Apple: This comes hot on the heels of reports of discolored screens.)

It remains to be seen whether this is an isolated incident or the iPhone 4 is indeed scratch-prone, at least on the back. For what it's worth, Engadget updated its post later in the day, calling the scratches "incredibly minor, not visible at all dead-on, but in bright light at an angle..."

Now that the new iPhone is making its way into the wild (my neighbor just showed me his), we'd like to hear from you: Have you noticed any scratches? I realize it's probably too soon to get any definitive feedback, but feel free to come back in a few days (or even weeks) and give us an update.

In the meantime, I'll ask you this: Do you care if your iPhone gets scratched up on the back? My 3GS has been in a case since day one, so I hardly ever see the back anyway. And isn't that why we use cases in the first place, to prevent damage?