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Is your cell phone skinny enough for virtual model avatars?

'Top Model' game comes to Cingular and Sprint users.

CBS Interactive

If you're an "America's Next Top Model" watcher who can't get enough of the CW network reality show, you might be interested in this. Thanks to a new tie-in, you can play your own version of the game on your cell phone. It's a product of CBS Interactive, the new-media wing of CW co-parent CBS; and Hong Kong-based avatar and mobile-game company Artificial Life--yes, the creator of the V-Girl cell phone girlfriends. (Artificial Life also created the far awesomer V-Penguins.)

But the "ANTM" collaboration doesn't seem to be a virtual-girlfriend kind of deal. In fact, it reminds me more of--dare I say it--Tamagotchis or NeoPets. Participants select an avatar of a real contestant, and complete a series of "challenges" that resemble the TV show's modeling training. To mix things up a bit, a "least favorite" contestant's avatar will occasionally play a dirty trick or two. There is, in addition, a series of player-to-player features that will pop up in the game.

The game will cost you $5.99 plus any applicable data traffic fees. But not everyone can play: It's only open to Cingular and Sprint users, and only certain cell phones are supported. But if you're interested, you can download it here.