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Is Windows Me for you?

The new operating system, which even Microsoft concedes offers fairly minor improvements over previous editions, is significant as it provides a glimpse into Microsoft's future.


More marketing, less meat in latest system upgrade

By CNET Staff
September 14, 2000, 12:00 p.m. PT

The new operating system will easily become a dominant fixture in home computing. But consumers who want to see dramatic changes in a Microsoft operating system will have to wait until next year, when the next version of Windows 2000 arrives.


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Microsoft's John Frederiksen touts the new release

Release signals end of Windows 98
news analysis PC makers have stopped bundling the older operating system on PCs, which means retail sales of Windows 98 should dry up quickly.

Doesn't jibe with some software
Microsoft confirms that certain changes have left the new operating system incompatible with a variety of third-party applications.

Windows 98 all over again?
The new system will easily become a dominant fixture in home PCs, but analysts say consumers shouldn't expect any eye-popping changes.

Retailers slash prices early
A number of retailers are selling the Windows 98 upgrade version of Windows Me for $49.95--$10 less than the official price.

Reports of bug roll in
A bug hunter announces the discovery of a vulnerability that allows attackers to crash or reboot a Windows Me computer.

Will Windows Me pricing confuse consumers?
Windows 95 users will have to pay $30 more than their Windows 98 counterparts to upgrade to Microsoft's new consumer operating system.

PC makers get early crack at Windows Me
Feeling savvy? See CNET Tech Trends The move aims to drum up interest in the system and to take advantage of the lucrative back-to-school selling season, sources said.

Microsoft Me continues bundling tradition
Windows Me tightly integrates several Microsoft technologies, including Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player and links to MSN Net sites.

Windows Me estimated pricing
Price* Product
$59 Step-Up upgrade from Windows 98
$109 Upgrade from Windows 95
$209 Full operating system 
*Recommended retail price. Actual price will vary. 
Source: Microsoft and CNET staff reports
Windows Me Features
• System Restore, which restores deleted critical system files.

• Auto Update, which automatically downloads updates from the Web.

• Home Networking Wizard, designed to simplify adding computers or peripherals to a home network.

• Windows Image Acquisition, designed to simplify grabbing images from digital cameras.

• Windows Movie Maker, digital video editing software.

• Smarter Install, which offers built-in software support for some add-on hardware.

• Universal Plug and Play support.

• MSN Messenger Service.

Source: Microsoft