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Is this what's meant by "Think different."

A judge says Web sites can be forced to divulge sources, part of Apple's war against bloggers.

AppleÂ’s an infuriating company for me. I love its technology but I hate its politics. To wit, the legal offensive to force three online news sites to divulge the identities of sources that leaked information about upcoming Apple products.

The company’s argument is that bloggers or the sundry hole-in-the-wall online gossip sites do not deserve the same free speech protections as “legitimate members of the press.” In a preliminary ruling issued Thursday, the presiding judge went Apple’s way. I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the more apocalyptic predictions – at least not just yet. The outcome of this case has implications far beyond this minor tiff. Before it's resolved, the case may need to go all the way to the Supreme Court.

But why Apple insists on acting like a collection of petulant yuppies is another matter. Other tech companies deal with leaks all the time. Nobody’s happy when their discussions wind up as fodder for the rumor mill. But why turn this into a federal case –literally? So much for thinking differently.