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Is this Verizon's LG Chocolate Touch?

We wonder if this leaked blurry photo is really the LG Chocolate Touch from Verizon Wireless.

LG Chocolate Touch? Maybe?
LG Chocolate Touch? Maybe? Engadget Mobile

Engadget Mobile has received this leaked photo of what looks like the LG Chocolate Touch for Verizon, and wouldn't you know it, it doesn't look at all like the LG BL40 that the Europeans are all getting this fall. No giant 4-inch display, no 21:9 aspect ratio, that's for sure. Which makes us wonder if this truly is the LG Chocolate Touch, or if it's some other LG phone.

But since we're used to not getting the pretty European models, we wouldn't be surprised if this really is the Chocolate Touch that we were waiting for. Seeing as the holiday season is coming up, we'll probably know soon enough what the LG Chocolate Touch VX8575 truly looks like.