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Is this 'Tron'-style floor the future of basketball?

LEDs under the glass surface of this high-tech floor can be changed to show lines for any type of court. Not to mention scoreboards and giant ads.

The GlassFloor might also be able to show when balls or players are out of bounds. ASB Systembau

Painting lines on a floor for team sports is so old school. Why not use programmable LED lights under a glass surface?

That's what Germany's ASB Systembau is doing with its ASB GlassFloor. With a frame of aluminum supporting a glass floor, it can be set to display lines for sports like basketball, handball, volleyball, or whatever else you want to play.

Ceramic dots on the glass re-create the feel of a wooden surface, while special etchings diffuse the LED light and prevent glare from bothering athletes.

That means you can also have all manner of ads, scoreboards, and graphics on the floor.

Just in case your favorite sport isn't already saturated with advertising, "the whole surface can be turned into one big screen," ASB Systembau writes in the product brochure.

The surface is made of tempered security glass, and the company says it will last longer than a conventional floor. It's also available in any color.

ASB Systembau has produced many squash courts with glass floors, and has also installed the LED version at a school in Germany.

Changing the line layout from one sport to the next is as simple as clicking a button. Check out the demo below.

What do you think? Would you ride your Lightcycle on this?

(Via Discovery News)