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Is this the Windows-based Palm Treo?

Is this the Windows-based Palm Treo?

It seems Palm can't keep a secret, even if their life depended on it. We've been hearing rumors about a Windows Mobile-based Treo (the Treo 670 as it was believed) for several months, and Palm Chief Financial Officer Andrew Brown even told our own that such a device could benefit their business but the company would never confirm nor deny the existence of a Treo 670. Now, Engadget appears to have what looks like a pretty darn genuine model of the Treo 700w. There aren't too many details about the smart phone except that according to Engadget, it will run Windows Mobile 5.0, a 1-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, 64MB of memory, and support for EV-DO. From the pictures, it looks like the Treo 700w is a Verizon phone (although we're curious to see what the duct tape is hiding), it's a tad smaller than the Treo 650, and Wi-Fi comes only by way of an SD Wi-Fi card.

Update It looks like the Palm Treo 700w is one step closer to being a reality. Palm, Microsoft, and Verizon have scheduled a press conference for Monday at 9 a.m., Pacific here in San Francisco, and the man himself, Bill Gates, will be there, along with Palm CEO Ed Colligan and Verizon CEO Denny Strigl. We'll be there to cover the event, so stay tuned for more details.