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Is this the perfect wristwatch for World Cup fans?

This watch from HotBlack puts the live score of your favorite team's latest match right on your wrist. And it's a pretty good looking timepiece to boot.


If you, like me and the astronauts aboard the ISS, are feverishly keeping up with the action at the 2014 FIFA World Cup, I may have the watch for you.

The stylish analog watch will give you a live look at the latest match for your favorite team, including the score and match time elapsed. The watch was created by British watchmaker and designer Richard Hoptroff, and features four dials that keep track of the time, date, and match info for your favorite club's current match.

Hoptroff has been demonstrating the watch by streaming it in action during the World Cup fixtures. The times we checked the stream, everything was spot on. The HotBlack watch uses a Bluetooth low energy radio to connect to your iPhone or Android device and grab live scores to display on the watch.

The watch itself features Swiss innards, a jet-black steel case and band, and sapphire glass that renders the watch scratch-proof.

HotBlack launched a Kickstarter campaign on Monday, and the pricing aligns with its status as a high-end timepiece. The first 20 Kickstarter backers can purchase a watch for a pledge of £400 (about $680) or more, but the price then jumps to £500 ($850) for serials 21 through 50, £600 ($1,020) for 51 through 100, and £700 ($1,190) for the final 300 units.

It's hard to imagine paying that much for something you can get for relatively cheap by pulling out your smartphone, but the HotBlack watch could be a nice, stylish option for the dedicated soccer fan who also wants to wear a watch.

You too will probably need a beer after shelling out for this awesome watch. Bayo Fodeke