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Is the Yashica EZ F521 a digital Holga?

The new EZ F521 by Yashica--which has produced some fine cameras in the past--may be able to attract some young shutterbugs with its retro styling.

Yashica EZ F521

Young photographers these days may not be familiar with the name Yashica, but those who started off in photography with film will know that this Japanese company has produced some very fine cameras. Unfortunately, the firm didn't make a smooth transition to digital cameras in the late 1990s and its blip disappeared off the radar.

However, Yashica's new EZ F521 may be able to attract some young shutterbugs with its retro styling. We think it looks a lot like the Holga with the optical viewfinder relegated to the right end of the shooter. The F521 seems to be a fuss-free shooter, with only a 5-megapixel sensor, 2.4-inch LCD, and automatic ISO setting. Focusing, though, appears to be manual as the symbol beside the 42.5mm optics indicates macro and landscape options, similar to what the Holga has.

The F521 is powered by three AA-size batteries and its video-recording capability maxes out at 640x480-pixel resolution. The digicam can also double as a Webcam. There is 32MB of internal memory, which can be expanded via the SD/SDHC card slot.

Now, if this Yashica camera can produce the weird, dreamy look Holga cameras are famous for, I'm going to snag myself one as it costs just around $89 on Exemode's Web site.

(Source: Crave Asia via Akihabara News)