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Is the Xperia TL worthy of James Bond?

Featured in "Skyfall," Sony's Xperia TL smartphone lands in AT&T's holiday lineup; Microsoft sets the date for Windows Phone 8; and 3M introduces the Streaming Projector with Roku.

Friday's CNET Update is highly classified:

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In today's tech news roundup, we're trying to not feel overwhelmed with the number of smartphone choices at AT&T this holiday season. AT&T showcased its upcoming gadgets at a New York event Thursday night, which included Sony's Xperia TL. You'll find the Xperia on the big screen this November in "Skyfall." Other high-end phones to keep an eye on include the HTC One X+, the LG Optimus G, and the Nokia Lumia 920. If you're looking for something with trendy features (like NFC) for a lower price, check out my first look video of the Samsung Galaxy Express. If you need a smartphone that can take tough love, keep an eye out for the Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro.

Looking ahead, Microsoft will launch the Windows Phone 8 operating system on Oct. 29. Read up on all the new features in our Windows Phone 8 FAQ.

We're keeping our eye on a new Angry Birds and Star Wars mash-up being announced Monday in New York.

Tumblr sites will be down for maintenance on Saturday, and its not clear how long sites may be affected.

Friday marks the one year anniversary of Steve Jobs' death. Be sure to check out CNET's coverage that looks at Apple's record success in the past year, as well as the challenges it faces ahead.

And we end the weekend with a look at a unique gadget being tested in the CNET Labs, the 3M Streaming Projector with a Roku Streaming Stick. It's a handy traveling media player, just as long as you have a Wi-Fi signal and a flat wall. It's selling on Amazon for $300 and shipping Oct. 22.


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