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Is the world ready for a power strip/tote bag thing?

The ChargerGenie on Indiegogo attaches a power strip to the bottom of a tote bag, walking a fine line between silly and clever.

It's a tote bag. It's a charger. It's a ChargerGenie. TakeCharger

The ChargerGenie is a bit of a head-scratcher. At first glance, you might think it's an insulated lunchbox, or perhaps a large makeup tote. On closer inspection, you'll notice what looks like a power strip on the bottom. It consists of two things you don't expect to see married to each other.

Once you take the time to contemplate the ChargerGenie, it starts to make a little more sense. It's an Indiegogo project looking to raise $45,000 to go into production. Normally, you would stuff your electronic devices into a purse, sack, or some sort of bag, and then carry a power strip separately. This project simply puts them together.

One advantage of this odd combo is that everything tucks into one package. There are six outlets and two USB charging ports, all arranged around the bottom to accommodate wall warts. The power cord tucks away when not in use. You can shove a decent number of small gadgets and accessories into the main bag, zip them up, and head out.

The device is available in red for adventurous types, black for business people, and pink cheetah for Snookie. Each one comes at a pledge price of $39, though you'll pay an extra $1 for the privilege of going all pink and slinky.

It seems families are prime targets for the ChargerGenie. Gadget-using kids can quickly fill up all available electrical outlets when you're traveling through airports or staying in motels.

The ChargerGenie joins a variety of products that also use "genie" in their names. There are genies for bras, genies for diapers, and genies for kitty litter boxes. At least you won't mind flashing the ChargerGenie in public for all to see.

Pink cheetah ChargerGenie
This is certainly an attention-getter. TakeCharger