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Is that really a Toshiba Satellite?

Toshiba's newest laptop doesn't look like a Satellite, but it should nevertheless appeal to home users.

Satellite E105
CNET Networks

Every once in a while, a technology company will develop a product outside of its traditional product line, just to meet consumer demands. (For an example, see Intel's Dual-Core Pentium chip.)

So it is with the new Toshiba Satellite E105, which, at least appearance-wise, sticks out among Satellites. The laptop's light color and flat edges make it look like an NR or CR series Sony Vaio. And its backlit keyboard certainly calls to mind the MacBook Pro. But Toshiba has added a few elements--such as a two-year warranty and 5.5-hour battery life--to make the Satellite E105 stand apart from the pack.

The laptop features a 14.1-inch WXGA display, which nicely balances usability and portability. (In fact, the Satellite E105's weight starts at just 5 pounds.) Inside the case you'll find the latest Centrino 2 components, including a 2.26GHz Intel Core 2 Duo P8400 processor, Intel GMA 4500M HD integrated graphics, and Intel's 802.11a/g/n Wi-Fi. In a nice touch, Toshiba equips the Satellite E105 with 4GB of RAM and 64-bit Windows Vista to take advantage of it. There are also some welcome high-end connections, including S/PDIF, HDMI, and eSATA, and all the USB ports incorporate Toshiba's Sleep and Charge feature.

With pricing around $1,250, the Satellite E105 is aggressively aimed at home users who want a solid all-around laptop with plenty of battery life and a lengthy warranty. Expect to see it go on sale later this month.