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Is that a pint-sized projector in your pocket?

An Aussie company is promising big things ahead of its pocket-sized projector, namely a 50-inch image projected on your wall.

The V10 pocket projector on display at launch

Do you have a bunch of holiday snaps sitting on your computer that you are dying to bore your friends with? With a pocket-sized projector you can bore dozens of friends at a time.

Australian company Mint Wireless is gearing up for the local release of the V10 projector, a device it is dubbing as the "world's smallest pocket projector". This gadget measures up at around the same size as an iPhone, though twice as thick, and includes a handy range of inputs.

The V10 projects a VGA resolution image up to 50 inches. We had a chance to see the projector in action during the launch in Sydney and from our brief look we can say it creates a pretty decent picture. The pocket projector comes bundled with a mini tripod to make sure this picture remains steady.

The obvious market for this product is small business who will make the most of a low-cost, portable alternative to dragging full size projectors around to business meetings. For these customers, the V10 sports a USB input for connecting a laptop.

But it's the alternate uses for this projector that had our ears pricking up with interest. The V10 also supports conventional three plug AV RCA inputs (you know, the red, white and yellow plugs) so theoretically you can plug in a DVD player or gaming console and project your movies or games onto any flat surface.

A few other key specs for the V10 includes 1GB of internal storage plus expandable memory via microSD, and media file support for MP4, AVI and ASF video files, MP3 audio, and JPEG images. The only downside we can see on paper is a total of 60 minutes battery life, which obviously falls short of a full-length feature film.

Stay tuned for more info about the V10 and a full review before it's released locally in September.