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Is that a CNET in Your Pocket?

Do you wish a CNET editor was with you when you last bought a TV or a digital camera? Wish no more with the launch of CNET in Your Pocket.

Have you ever stood in front of a wall of plasma and LCD televisions and wished you had a CNET editor beside you, helping you decide which TV to buy? Wish no more!

Today CNET Networks Australia launches CNET in Your Pocket, bringing the best tech news and reviews from the PC to your WAP-enabled mobile handset.

In addition to the latest news and reviews CNET in Your Pocket gives you access to a list of products awarded a CNET Editor's Choice seal of approval, a list of the most popular articles on, and the opportunity to check prices of products with online tech vendors via

To make CNET in Your Pocket fast and simple to use on a mobile handset the CNET team has adjusted the standard Web site to fit into a single column page view. Simplifying the standard site doesn't mean that we've watered down the content, in fact, all our reviews are now available, in full, on your phone.

To access CNET in Your Pocket simply direct your mobile phone's Web browser to