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Is Loki gender fluid in the Disney Plus show? Video offers big clue

A new clip from the upcoming Disney Plus show attracts the attention of sharp-eyed fans.


Some fans expect Loki to be gender fluid in the upcoming Marvel show.  

Disney Plus

Eagle-eyed Marvel fans may have spotted a new biographical detail about Loki. In a clip of the upcoming Disney Plus show Loki that features a page of paperwork, the god of mischief's sex is listed as "fluid."

The clip, which the official Twitter account for the show shared on Twitter Sunday, shows the paper for just a split second at the end of the video. 

Still, fans took to social media with the revelation. "Loki being gender fluid makes me so happy," one wrote. "I mean we knew but thanks." 

Fans also noted Loki has been gender fluid in the comics for a while now. According to, that detail was established as cannon in 2014's Original Sin 5.5

Loki, which hits Disney Plus June 9, follows the events of Avengers: Endgame and finds the character working with an agency called the Time Variance Authority to sort out the mess he's made of time. 

Disney did not immediately respond to a request for comment.