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Is Kodak's budget 8-inch photo frame a bargain?

Kodak's 8-inch EasyShare M820 represents a good balance between affordability, features, and decent image quality in an amply-sized photo frame.

The Kodak EasyShare M820 can be had for less than $100. Kodak

Kodak offers a number of digital photo frames, including models that feature built-in wireless connectivity and even cutting edge OLED display technology. However, its 8-inch EasyShare M820, available for less than $100, is an attractive option for consumers hoping to balance affordability with some advanced features in a reasonably sized frame.

Some digital photo frames have real wood or metal finishes, but this is strictly a plastic affair. With its simple, slim black border, the frame looks elegant enough from afar and comes with two stick-on decorative mattes (one is red, the other silver) that allow you to customize the frame's look. The kickstand on the back swivels, giving you the option of locking the frame into horizontal or vertical orientation. On the back of the frame there are keyhole slots for mounting the frame to a wall with screws, along with a threaded tripod mount if you want to prop it up with a tripod.

In terms of features, the M820 is a step up from the basic package found in the entry-level P820 and P720--but you don't get the wireless connectivity found in Kodak's W-series photo frames, which include the W820 and W1020. The main upgrade here over the P series is support for video and MP3 playback (you can play music in the background of slideshows) and some built-in memory. There are two small speakers built into the back of the frame.

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Compare to competing frames that cost under $150.

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