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Is 'Knight Rider' Ford Focus a '24' preview?

Focus ST Black Edition may pay tribute to '80s high-tech car series with Hasselhoff, but driver in press photo resembles '24' star.

Ford Focus ST Black Edition Ford Motor

Ford Europe plans to announce a special Knight Rider edition of the Ford Focus in Europe, according to the car blog Jalopnik .

While Ford has released this photo of the Ford Focus ST Black Edition on its global site, a press release has not yet surfaced as of mid-morning.

Jalopnik reported that a French Ford Europe press release says the new Ford ST Focus Black Edition will be a tribute to the Knight Rider series that starred David Hasselhoff.

Close-up of Ford Focus ST Black Edition press photo Ford Motor

But if this is supposed to be a tribute to Knight Rider why does the driver in Ford's press photo so closely resemble 24 star Keifer Sutherland?

Ford has sponsored episodes of 24 in the past and many of its hottest cars have been featured as product placement in the show. Could this be a preview of what's to come this television season in terms of product placement?