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Is it BlackBerry season at T-Mobile?

Rumors surface that T-Mobile will get different colored BlackBerry Pearls and the BlackBerry 8320 in the coming months.

Gold BlackBerry Curve headed to T-Mobile? Boy Genius Report

The Boy Genius Report has two interesting tidbits today about some BlackBerry models that may be coming to a T-Mobile store near you. The first rumor is that there will be some new BlackBerry Pearls, but before you get too excited, the only different feature is the color of the phones. Apparently, the carrier will release a midnight blue, a red, and a gold version of the Pearl, all with a tentative release date of September 4. The other speculation is that T-Mobile will introduce the BlackBerry 8320 aka the BlackBerry Curve with Wi-Fi on September 24. From the picture, it looks like the device is gold (hmm, interesting choice) and will support T-Mobile's myFaves plan. Remember, these are all just rumblings in the rumor mill right now, but darn it, it's got us pretty excited.