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Is it a tiger? Is it an iguana? No, it's a Tiguan!

Volkswagen Tiguan concept

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Volkswagen made its impression on the first morning of the 2007 Los Angeles Auto Show by unveiling the latest of its oddly named offerings: the Volkswagen Tiguan crossover SUV. The car is still in the concept stage (thus its exotic interior and color-coded tires in tangerine), but a production model is expected at the end of 2007.

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The model on display in L.A. is powered by a "clean TDI" diesel engine, which makes use of BlueTec diesel-emission control technology. Originally introduced by Mercedes-Benz, BlueTec is now jointly promoted by Audi and Volkswagen as well, in an effort to bring diesel cars in line with strict U.S. emissions standards. When it arrives on the market, the Tiguan--which gets its name from a combination of the words "tiger" and "iguana"--will fit into the VW line as a small version of the Touareg.