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Is IMDb expanding into social networking for music?

Is the IMDb getting a social network for music?

The folks over at Trademork have uncovered a trademark filed by the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) for the name "SoundUnwound." In the description, IMDb lists the potential future service as:

"Providing information regarding, and in the nature of, social networking services; online social networking services designed for people with a common desire to meet other people with similar interests; Social networking services for music enthusiasts."

While IMDb is currently limited to movies, TV shows, and other visual mediums, it's also expanded into a resume service as well as offering video games. The company is owned by, which just happens to be a massively popular music provider, both for optical media as well as digital downloads. While Amazon hasn't released sales numbers since the launch of their DRM-free music service in late September, what's a better way to leverage a large catalog than with an integrated user community? IMDb is already selling movies inside their site, using's catalog and kicking users off via affiliate links. The same could easily be done with Amazon's music catalog, which is to be expected of SoundUnwound.

What's a bit interesting is that Amazon hasn't chosen to simply pick up one of the current sites that are offering social matching based on music taste, including iLike,, and MyStrands (which incidentally took $24M in funding this morning); the first two of which have successful Facebook apps in addition to their own communities. Amazon must be looking to either provide deeper integration or leverage their own account system, which would let users buy music without requiring a separate registration. Stay tuned.