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Is HTC One launch ad funny or mortifying?

In order to bring a little, well, something to its launch, HTC One created a Funny or Die parody of one of America's most enduring TV artifices, "The Bachelorette."

Thorny? HTC/Funny Or Die Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Finding true love is as difficult as finding an original needle in a sewing establishment.

No art form has ever made that more poignant than "The Bachelor" and its sister show "The Bachelorette."

For weeks and weeks, potential partners are examined, touched, whispered to, held and discarded, until, somehow, a lasting happiness emerges. Oddly, so many of these couples break up around four minutes after the show is over.

Still, the wise people behind the apparently rather fine HTC One thought it would be a good idea to compare choosing a phone to choosing one's true love.

They employed the people behind Funny Or Die to help them make a killing.

Here we have a Bachelorette who tries to find her one true love in a phone. Helping her to do this (or not) is actor James Van Der Beek from "Dawson's Creek."

Hers is a tortured journey. Indeed, some might feel a little waterboarded just watching it.

Oddly, the phones who are baying to take her by the hand, so that she can take them in hers, are a motley collection. It's as if a children's TV show was being made on the set next door and they got these things on a two-hour rental.

There's even a rotary phone, manned by a human being who makes the average Muni driver seem like he's just won the lottery.

There's also a very sad old flip-phone who declares to the Bachelorette: "I would throw myself in the toilet without you." Beek from the Creek concurs.

I fear that one or two people might concur that this parody tends toward the "Die" side of the Funny Or Die spectrum.

I fear that a phone that has so many nerdy people excited might, for some real people, look a touch thorny after this peculiar experience.

One wonders, too, whom it's supposed to enthrall. AdAge offers that it will be appearing on, and on, Conan's site. It is also destined for movie theaters, so one might think it's supposed to move the cool people.

Indeed, Adweek reports that HTC is targeting cord-cutting young adults (do they even know what a rotary phone is?) and 40 percent of its ad buy will be in digital channels.

Erin McGee told Adweek: "Seventy percent of our target audience consumes (TV) content online. We are going to engage the consumer in terms of not only where to reach them but what kind of content we need to spark that conversation."

I do like a sparky conversation, myself. I just wonder whether the chat around this video will be inflamed.