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Is 'Fridge Alert' really the diet police?

We think it's meant to bust midnight snackers

It's resolution season, as we know all too well, and that means the dreaded twins Kitchen and Carbs have reared their larded heads once again. But those of us who are looking to shed that holiday padding too often find ourselves weak of will, if not appetite.

That's why we'll be giving some serious thought to the "Fridge Alert" spotted on Uber-Review. Although it's being marketed as an alarm that sounds when the door is left accidentally ajar, we suspect that its true use is to bust the perpetrator who lingers too long--and too often--in search of a midnight munch. Either way, this kitchen cop gives you just 30 seconds to shut the door before waking up the whole house and exposing your snacking shame to the entire family. Tough love indeed.