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Is first iPad 2 camper out there (really out there)?

An Apple store in Dallas is already reportedly enjoying its first iPad 2 line camper. It might just be Justin Wagoner, who enjoys being first in line at these things.

Every time Apple launches a new product, someone has to be the first in line to buy it. The trouble is that it always seems to be the same people who attempt to amuse local news crews with their alleged Apple fandom.

As CNET's Greg Sandoval reported last year, some of these people might be more fans of fame than of Apple.

So the news that an Apple store in Dallas already has a tent perched outside its doors suggests only one thing: that alleged Apple obsessive Justin Wagoner is staking yet another claim for worldwide fame.

I am sure that you remember Wagoner from last year's launch of iPhone 4. Then, he offered quotes that, some might feel, showed his true and undying love for Apple. For example: "If you follow the news, you'll know who I am."

Wagoner's website. Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Now, with MacCast offering the first pictures of a Dallas-based tent, you'll be wondering if there is other evidence of Wagoner's latest vigil.

Well, there's a Web site called No, really. This site describes Wagoner as a "new rising Internet Celebrity." It includes pictures of Dallas Apple stores, as well as some public art. And, um, fireworks.

It also declares that Wagoner will be camping out for five days before the March 11 launch, outside the Knox Street store, which happens to be the very same from which MacCast reportedly got its tent picture.

There's also Wagoner's Twitter feed, on which he insists he really is out there and that, if he needs to leave at all, "the employees and/or my personal security guard watches out for me until I get back."

But even that isn't enough. Perhaps influenced by Charlie Sheen's plummet to notoriety, Wagoner also promises a Ustream of his activities. The Ustream page exists, but, as yet, there is no action on it.

I know that you will all now be transfixed by Wagoner's activities. You will be wondering what it might feel like to be the first human being in the world to clutch an iPad 2, switch it on, and see what they're writing about you.